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Jaguar XE Key Fob Not Working
The car key isn't working? Maybe you dropped it and something inside it borke, maybe it ran out of battery or maybe the battery in the car is dead. Follow these steps to unlock your car manually:
The Key
• Hold the car key up, with the unlock buttons facing you, and the chrome part (where JAGUAR is written) situated on the right side of the key
• Slide the chrome part up until it comes off
• Under it, you will find a silver blade attached to the car key
• Slide the silver blade up, until you take it out of the main key
The Door
• On the driver's door, right on the handle, there is a cap with a key simbol on it. The cap has a small hole, on the side facing the ground, you should crouch to see it.
• Insert the silver blade you took out of the key and push upwards, until the door hadle cap comes off
• Use the silver bladed key like a normal key to unlock the car
Also find out the Jaguar XE battery location (with video).
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